Our clients recommend us: Dominique Laloux, vice-chairman of ERLAB in China, about their new factory in Kunshan

At TERAO, we have the expertise to give advice on the design of a building. What for? To optimize energy consumption while being comfortable for its occupants. It is particularly vital in an industrial asset, where production lines could generate a lot of heat, and where comfort is at stake for the workers. One of our clients had this issue

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Our clients recommend us: Thibaud Brunel, formerly working for Argosy, about cold storage issue

Remember our article about cold storage case study “How TERAO can solve your energy issue? – Cold rack case study” ? This is a typical issue found in industrial assets that need to store goods or materials that need very specific and stable temperature. One of our clients had this issue and TERAO helped them to solve it. Thibaud Brunel,

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What do you know about water efficiency?

June has arrived and is bringing us the ‘hottest ’ summer ever. We are in a stage where the demand for water is very high. Do you know how much water we consume every day? Which measures contribute to improve water efficiency? Here is the quiz, and you will find the answers in our article. How much water does a

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TERAO entrusted by the PEEB to advise Djibouti on Energy Efficiency in Buildings

In March 2019, TERAO was commissioned by the French Development Agency (AFD) to conduct an energy orientation council on the public buildings of the Republic of Djibouti and to carry out the detailed audit of a building that will serve as a pilot project.   PEEB, Programme for Energy Efficiency in Buildings, facilitates and mobilizes technical cooperation between countries to

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TERAO invites you to EUCCC conference about Smart Factories on May 28th, 2019

Sustainability is a growing requirement from governments, suppliers and customers. Many businesses still do not recognize that working sustainably also means working cost-effectively. To turn this around requires a willingness to buck conventional financial wisdom by focusing not on reducing the cost of each part but on increasing the efficiency as a whole. During this event, a range of speakers

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Energy Efficiency – Chiller optimization case study

How can TERAO help you work on Chiller optimization at the early stage of design?   Case study – Industrial site chillers TERAO’s team worked as energy efficiency specialist to improve the design of a pharmaceutical factory in Anhui province. The client was highly sensitive to climate change impact and had strong requirements in term of energy efficiency and carbon emissions applied to

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