TERAO is an Engineering firm that has been providing innovative services worldwide for sustainable buildings and cities for the past 25 years


Along with its public and private clients, architects, promotors, real estate agencies, investors, collectivities, building owners, tenants, and facilities managers

Independently of the building use: offices, commercial centers, retail stores, hotels, dwellings, public facilities …

At each and every stage of the project: design, construction, operating stage, renovation and dismantling

At any project scale, small and big, ranging from the building to the city including macro lot and green neighborhoods

Leaning on a resilient network of Consulting Agencies and Industries that allow us to remain at the cutting edge of innovation.  

Building – Renovation– Fit out

New constructions, major and minor renovations, Design Build and Operate contracts
Sustainable urban master planning: lots, eco-neighborhoods, building parks, JDZ
Technical studies and simulations

In-Use / Existing Buildings

Commercial interior fit-out (holistic sustainability approach in the work environment, well-being focused design)
Environmental and Energy Performance & Management


Risks & Opportunities, green value & intangible value
Management Reporting


Terao helps its clients and partners in acquiring skills through company-tailored training programs.

Skills and qualifications

  • HQE: International Referent and Auditor
  • BREEAM Assessor and BREEAM In-Use Assessor
  • LEED AP, LEED CMVP (Performances Measurement and Verifying) and LEED CBCP (Building Commissioning)
  • Label BBCA (Reduced carbon footprint buildings): Referent
  • Bilan Carbone (carbon footprint): ADEME training program
  • OPQIBI, Qualifications RGE:
    • Regulatory study for individual houses
    • Regulatory study for residential or commercial buildings
    • Energy auditing of residential and/or commercial buildings
    • Energy and carbon footprint estimation of merchandise/person transportation
    • Energy auditing of industrial sites

Building – Renovation– Fit out

TERAO improves Environmental and Energy Efficiency of buildings and cities in design stage, as well as in construction and renovation phases in offering technical and architectural solutions allowing to achieve high performance goals (Positive Energy buildings, Net-Zero carbon lot, et.) and suitable certifications (BREEAM, LEED, WELL, HQE, Biodivercity, BBCA, Biosourcé, etc.).

TERAO takes part in every stage of the project from the diagnosis and design development phase until the acceptance of work and commissioning of built projects, including the deals signature and the building phase.

TERAO masters French and international environmental certifications in its entirety.

  • New construction, heavy and light renovations, Design Build and Operate contracts
    • Design-construction consulting on environmental approaches
    • Smart Building design (connectivity of buildings, IOT)
    • Energy-Performance contracts
    • HVAC and Plumbing design
    • Opportunity analysis and feasibility (certifications, stakes, costs, etc.)
    • Definition of energy profiles and performance scenarios
    • Innovative technological solutions on projects
    • Carrying certification processes out
    • Construction following-up until the acceptance of work
    • Commissioning
    • Design, Build and Operate contracts
  • Sustainable urban master planning: building parks, plots, eco-neighborhoods, JDZ
    • Coordination of the design team and sustainable approach at the scale of a neighborhood
    • Smart grids: thermal and electric
    • Urban sociology studies and dialogue supporting
    • Certifications (HQE-Aménagement, Label EcoQuartiers, WELL for Communities, Ecojardin, BiodiverCity, etc.)
    • Supporting in setting up tools for connected buildings and smart cities
    • Holistic approach in Health, Comfort, Quality of Life at the scale of a neighborhood.
    • Analysis, solutions and advising on Transportation and energy efficient mobility planning
    • Environmental studies (energy, water, waste, biodiversity, materials, comfort, etc.)
  • Studies and simulations
    • Facades enhancement studies
    • Dynamic Load Calculations
    • Computational Fluid Dynamic Modeling (CFD): exterior (impacts of the winds) and interior (air distribution)
    • Code compliant thermal calculations
    • Daylight Analysis
    • Ecology studies (biodiversity diagnosis, urban agriculture)
    • Energy Benchmarking (renewable energies, source of supply studies)
    • BMS system Analysis
    • Lifecycle & carbon footprint Analysis
    • Overall cost Analysis
    • Rainwater/Wastewater management studies

All of our studies are BIM-compatible.

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Use – Exploitation

The focus is placed on the user part of existing or future built environments.

Environmental performances and well-being of the users are inherent concerns of sustainable buildings and cities that TERAO helps you to take into account in your projects so they become effective and desirable.

TERAO improves effectiveness of buildings in use and supports the projects in certifications such as WELL, HQE, BREEAM, LEED in use.

  • Commercial interior fit-out (holistic sustainability approach in the work environment, well-being focused design) 
    • Sustainable Design Planning
    • Enhancement of user’s well-being with the certification (WELL, LEED ID+C, etc.)
    • Integration of comfort and sanitary challenges into the programming phase and the architectural design: building accommodations, possible improvement of amenities, evaluation of needs and usages depending on what the surfaces are intended to, natural light access, presence and functions of vegetation (biophilia), acoustic performance, ventilation and interior air quality (flow rates, VOC), water presence and its quality
  • Environmental and Energy Performance & Management 
    • Project Management for Certifications in Exploitation (HQE Exploitation, BREAM In Use, LEED EBOM, …)
    • Project Management for Smart Buildings / General Services 2.0
    • Commissioning
    • BMS system auditing
    • Backing in code compliancy
    • Technical and energy efficiency auditing on buildings of any type
    • Energy and carbon footprint estimation of merchandise/person transportation
    • Energy auditing of industrial sites
    • Energy auditing of condominium
    • Project Management for ISO 50 001
    • Backing in Energy Performance contracts
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TERAO takes part in analysis, approach and sustainable development reporting for property businesses and cities, and advises on solutions and optimizations to improve their environmental and energy efficiency.

TERAO gets involved in the sections of expertise, consulting and methods, always closer to the evolving expectations of its clients including the identification of their needs in order to give suitable measures.

  • Risks & Opportunities, green value & intangible value
    • Tailored consulting missions
    • technical and architectural environmental Due Diligence
    • 360° auditing
    • Regulatory watching and code compliancy supporting
  • Energy-efficiency
    • Public-private partnership contracts supporting via energy efficiency contracts models
    • Guarantee of Energy Efficiency in exploitation
    • Methodological missions of measurement and control of management and reporting
  • Management I Reporting
    • Reporting support following the international code standards (GRESB, CDP, Art. 25, Art. 172, etc.)
    • Measurement and following-up of energy and fluids consumption
    • Deployment of energy monitoring platforms
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