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[Expertise] How energy efficiency solutions reduce operating costs

Energy efficiency is the practice of using less energy to achieve the same or better results. It can help businesses and organizations save money, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and improve their environmental performance. Energy efficiency is important for businesses because it can lower their energy bills, enhance their reputation, and increase their productivity. According to a report by the International

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[Expertise] The importance of energy management

Energy management is more than just reducing energy consumption; it encompasses the strategic planning, monitoring, and optimization of energy usage within an organization in different sectors, such as industry, transport, buildings and households. It involves a comprehensive understanding of energy flows, identifying areas of waste, and implementing measures to enhance overall efficiency. Energy is essential for human development and economic

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[Case study] A Feasibility Study on Sustainable Office Relocation

Building Fit-out and its Carbon Behaviour China’s ambitious target of achieving carbon neutrality by 2060 has significant implications for the building sector, which is responsible for nearly half of all global carbon emissions. Specifically, building operations account for 28% of these emissions while new construction contributes to 21%. In China, construction generates 21.6% of emissions, with 28% coming from new

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[Expertise] How to set up the energy baseline for your asset portfolio KPI?

What is an energy consumption baseline? A baseline serves as a point of reference or comparison for evaluating another value or situation. It allows us to determine whether the measured data is distinct, unusual, or requires special attention, or if it aligns closely with the baseline. By comparing against this reference point, we can assess the significance and characteristics of

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[CN-Activity] New collaboration to promote sustainable practices

TERAO Asia attended the French-Chinese Business Council meeting in Beijing On April 6th, 2023, the 5th meeting of the Franco–Chinese Business Council was held in Beijing. The leaders of the state of two nations as well as representatives from China and France discussed topics such as commerce, investments, technologies, and environmental concerns. At the council, China and France discussed strategies

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[Expertise] New Certified Building Commissioning Professional in the team – A key tool to ensure successful building systems

Energy reduction is a critical issue the world needs to englobe today as we strive to reduce our carbon footprint and create a sustainable future. Commissioning, often written as Cx, is one of the tools that help building owners reduce their energy consumption. In this article, we explore the importance of commissioning to optimize building operations. What is commissioning? Commissioning

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[Case study] Fordia – Energy efficiency and energy savings opportunities in the industry

[Case study] Fordia – Energy efficiency and energy savings opportunities in the industry Like many players in today’s society, industry stakeholders are taking concrete action to reduce energy consumption and reduce their impact on climate change. Fordia is focusing on drastically reducing its global carbon emissions and has launched a global Energy Efficiency program on all of its operations combined

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[Case study] Energy audit: Technical Centre of Plastic Omnium in Wuhan

Case study – Energy audit: Technical Centre of Plastic Omnium in Wuhan TERAO was asked to carry out an energy audit of the technical Centre of Plastic Omnium in Wuhan. This building constructed in 2018 is an R&D centre and test lab for automotive fuel systems in cars. For its global sustainability program, the Group has set two ambitious goals: Reducing

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