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Our clients recommend us: Elisabeth Muzeau, General Manager of Techné, China

In the wake of Paris Agreement, companies are being pushed more and more to lower their carbon footprint. TERAO can help to assess the carbon footprint of companies, from the upstream to downstream emissions.  Here is an example, with Techné Shanghai, which already had a carbon footprint calculation made by their Headquarter, but needed a local calculation for the Chinese

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[China’s new green building regulation] General Code for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Applicaton in Buildings

Do you want to have a look at these new green building regulations and understand how they are helping China reach its implement its environmental strategy? Read this article and you will know! The buildings and construction work in China contribute more than half of the total carbon emissions nationwide. To meet China’s ambitious carbon reduction targets, reaching carbon neutrality

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[Earth Day 2022] Are you taking action? – Personal and Company level

This year Earth day was on 22nd April, 2022. As we like to remind at TERAO through our daily job and daily actions, Earth Day should be every day, as sustainability and climate change mitigation cannot be met in only one day action.  What can I do for Earth Day at a personal level?  There are many ways to help the

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[Net Zero Carbon] Bicycle incentives and recognition in green building certification

In our previous article, we have already discussed green commuting choices and found out that bicycle is the most efficient way for us to achieve a sustainable lifestyle in terms of a daily commute. Today, we will dig deeper into this topic and see how the promotion of cycling can be implemented on a Building Level or a Company Level.

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[Policies] Focus on Shanghai green building policies and incentives

[Policies] Focus on Shanghai green building policies and incentives According to the World Green Building Council, buildings and their construction sectors combined contribute to almost 40% of global carbon emissions and 36% of global final energy consumption (Source: New strategy tackles the climate emergency in a post-COVID built environment). Green buildings, if properly designed, have been demonstrated to reduce greenhouse

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[Net Zero Carbon] Reduce your carbon footprint through green commuting!

To commute from home to work, do you know which transportation means will emit the least or the most carbon emissions? One would think that carbon footprint reduction is normally a big concept and normally of national scales, but there is still low hanging fruit that individuals can do for the climate. Increasing findings show that transportation shares the top

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Reducing your asset carbon footprint: how does tree planting help?

As you could see in our previous articles, TERAO team is capable of carrying out Carbon footprint assessment for our clients. Base on the assessment data, we would work together with our clients to develop optimum action plans to best reduce their carbon footprint. After reducing energy and after renewable energy implementation, to be done firstly, one of the ideas

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Our clients recommend us: Gaëtan Grand, General Manager of Fordia, Changzhou

At TERAO, we assist our client to reach their sustainability target, through energy efficiency calculations. They will not only save money on the long-term, but also preserving the resources. One of our clients had this objective in mind, and TERAO is accompanying them. Gaëtan Grand, General Manager at Fordia Changzhou shares his current experience with TERAO and why he would

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