Our clients recommend us: Gaëtan Grand, General Manager of Fordia, Changzhou

At TERAO, we assist our client to reach their sustainability target, through energy efficiency calculations. They will not only save money on the long-term, but also preserving the resources.

One of our clients had this objective in mind, and TERAO is accompanying them. Gaëtan Grand, General Manager at Fordia Changzhou shares his current experience with TERAO and why he would recommend us. Have a good read!

1 – Can you tell us more about your professional background & the activities of FORDIA in Asia?

Fordia is a Canadian company, founded in 1977 in Montreal, Quebec. We are providing best in class diamond tool for mineral exploration and supporting our driller to perform safer and efficiently. “Drilling is hard and Fordia makes it easier”. I took over the operation management of Fordia Changzhou in 2017.

2 – How did you hear about TERAO? In what context did you need TERAO support?

Since Fordia has been acquired by Epiroc in 2019, our business is no longer only focused on High quality products and Customer satisfaction. Indeed, Epiroc is deeply engaged in Planet and People. Epiroc is also part of the foundation “Water For All”, which provides water to many poor area villagers around the globe.

No need to tell you that our sustainability targets for 2030 are strong. Two of them are: reduce by 50% our global CO₂ emissions and use 90% of renewable energy. Getting green energy in China could be a challenge and even if the country goes fast in change, even if we increase our renewable energy rate, we must work also on the energy consumption. How to optimize it? How to not waste it too much?

The name of TERAO came up after a short discussion within my French network in Jiangsu Province, when we were talking about how to calculate the energy saving with this or that solution, TERAO seemed to be the right company to get support from.

3 – How TERAO is contributing to your project(s)?

It was pretty fast after contacting TERAO and explaining our project to them. They understood quickly what was our weaknesses and how to turn them as opportunities. After establishing the Energy Audit contract (envelop and process), we went through details of consumption, machine power, number of shift, operation occupation through hours, days, months, years and also forecast. Using their simulation tool, based on location and weather records, building drawings, TERAO proposed a 3 years roadmap of action to implement in order to reach our target.


4 – Which part of TERAO’s work are you the most satisfied about?

The speed of audit and report reached my satisfaction. But what exceeded my expectation is the support they provided after the audit with supplier prospection and multiple pieces of advice. I am reaching out frequently to TERAO engineers in order to get their recommendation on some solutions under our factory team development. It is good to know that we can rely on them at any time.

5 – To whom would you recommend TERAO?

If you want to get a clear picture of your factory operations Energy Efficiency and if you are willing to think and act “sustainably”, TERAO is the partner to get.

Thank you Gaëtan for these kind words.

If you happen to have ambitious goals as Fordia for energy savings or carbon footprint reduction, you can contact our BD manager Gaspard at glemsce@teraochina.cn. We would be happy to help make your factory more energy-efficient and help you save money!

Website of the client: https://www.fordia.com

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