[Meet the team] – Sicheng, Study Engineer at TERAO Asia

This time, we will introduce our Study Engineer based in Shanghai Office – Sicheng. He is not only a skilled study engineer but also a young and talented individual whom his colleagues describe as a CFD expert. Discover more about Sicheng in this article. Have a good read!

Q1: What is your role in TERAO and since when?


I’ve been working in TERAO Shanghai office for over 1 year as a study engineer, since May 2023. My work is mainly focused on energy audit, and study for energy efficiency, renewable energy and thermal comfort, by using the tools of energy modeling and CFD simulation.

Q2: What do you like in your role at TERAO?


I think the most attractive work is seeking the potential of energy conservation for different kinds of industrial projects, which has great significance especially under China’s “carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals”. For industrial projects, there would be a lot of interesting and distinctive processes and equipment in the factories, and thus each project is a different and unique challenge. Every time I should have a deep understanding of the project itself and then propose the improving solutions that are suitable and worth recommending. It’s like a process of solving a mathematical question instead of routine work.

Q3: Why did you choose to work at TERAO?


TERAO provides me with a desirable platform for further development in the sustainability field. This is the direction I’ve determined to pursue based on my interests and previous experiences. Also, the working environment and networking in the office a good conditions for me.

Q4: What is one of your values that is in line with TERAO Values (transparency/commitment/thinking ahead), and why is it a value for you?


Commitment. I would always like to be committed to projects or working on content that is complicated and challenging. Burying myself in the research and study, and solving the problem step by step is a key value for me.

Q5: What is one of your hobbies outside of work?


Tennis. This is an attractive sport not only because of the gripping feeling when biting the ball but also the aesthetic on the court. I always play tennis twice a week.

Q6: Favorite quote/motto?


The secret of getting ahead is getting started


The ultimate inspiration is the deadline

Q7: A short sentence to describe you:

If you want to contact Sicheng for any questions about energy modeling, CFD simulation or even become his partner to play tennis together, feel free to contact him at sliu@teraoasia.com.

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