Our client recommends us: Devin Barta, Director of Operations at AHF Products

Following the Paris Agreement, businesses are under increasing pressure to reduce their environmental impact. TERAO can help to assess the carbon footprint of companies, from the upstream to downstream emissions. Additionally, TERAO assists its clients in achieving their sustainability goals.

We invite you to read the following interview of Devin Barta, Direction of Operations at AHF Products

1 – Can you tell us more about your professional background & the activities of your company in Asia?


I am the Director of Operations for our manufacturing operations in Cambodia where we manufacture hardwood flooring.

AHF Products, a leading manufacturer of hardwood flooring, operates in the industrial and manufacturing sectors, specializing in the manufacture of plywood and flooring. AHF Products is committed to creating beautiful and durable hard surface products for both consumers and commercial markets. Whether it’s for residential or commercial spaces, AHF’s flooring solutions enhance any environment, from healthcare facilities and education centers to corporate offices and restaurants.

2 – How did you hear about TERAO? In what context did you need TERAO support?


I was contacted by Terao directly and from the company Confluences in Phnom Penh.

I was specifically looking for someone who could evaluate my factory and our usage of energy.

3 – How TERAO is contributing to your project(s)?


Terao introduced a scope for an energy audit level 2 to gain visibility regarding the current performance of the facility, identify the various potential improvement strategies to meet our goal of energy consumption reduction:

  • Site assessment and measurement to identify energy efficiency opportunities.
  • Energy data analysis.
  • Recommendations for energy performance optimization focusing on buildings (envelope and systems), utilities and processes.
  • Roadmap of site energy optimization to capitalize on the energy savings to finance CAPEX-intensive strategies.

Terao provided a very comprehensive site assessment and recommendations to reduce our energy footprint. This in turn reduces waste and reduces the cost to manufacture.

Fine Flooring factory in Cambodia

4 – Which part of TERAO’s work are you the most satisfied about?

The onsite support, analysis and recommendations were well thought out and comprehensive.

5 – To whom would you recommend TERAO?

Any manufacturer, as it is difficult to find competent suppliers who can do this type of work.

Mr. Devin Barta, Director of Operations at AHF Products

Thank you, Devin Barta, for these kind words

TERAO can help you with a variety of tasks, including complicated construction projects, improving energy efficiency, and finding sustainable solutions for your assets. TERAO’s team of experienced professionals has a deep understanding of environmental and sustainability challenges, along with a proven track record in delivering effective solutions.

If you happen to have similar sustainability goals as AHF Products, you can contact our Business Development Director Gaspard at glemoinescelles@teraoasia.com. We would be happy to support you to achieve it.

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