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TERAO China teambuilding in Huzhou

TERAO China teambuilding in Huzhou: a much-awaited event after releasing of COVID restrictions On Friday and Saturday 6th and 7th of January, our China team spent quality time together in a resort lost in the countryside, about 2 hour 30 minutes drive away from Shanghai city center.   After the drive in the evening by our dear colleagues Tina and

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[Net Zero Carbon] Bicycle incentives and recognition in green building certification

In our previous article, we have already discussed green commuting choices and found out that bicycle is the most efficient way for us to achieve a sustainable lifestyle in terms of a daily commute. Today, we will dig deeper into this topic and see how the promotion of cycling can be implemented on a Building Level or a Company Level.

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[Net Zero Carbon] Reduce your carbon footprint through green commuting!

To commute from home to work, do you know which transportation means will emit the least or the most carbon emissions? One would think that carbon footprint reduction is normally a big concept and normally of national scales, but there is still low hanging fruit that individuals can do for the climate. Increasing findings show that transportation shares the top

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