[Earth Day 2022] Are you taking action? – Personal and Company level

This year Earth day was on 22nd April, 2022. As we like to remind at TERAO through our daily job and daily actions, Earth Day should be every day, as sustainability and climate change mitigation cannot be met in only one day action. 

What can I do for Earth Day at a personal level? 

There are many ways to help the planet get better, here are some of daily tips you can take everyday to participate in the protection of our planet. 

1. Educate yourself about sustainability

Have you heard about the latest report of the IPCC? Do you know what are UN SDG (Sustainable Development Goals)? Do you know the relation between the meal you are eating and its carbon emissions? Did you know that 120 min per week in nature makes you feel happier? Do you know why there are more and more floods in your country ? 

If most of your answers are no, you can first take some time to educate yourself with documentaries, articles etc. about those different topics. It may or may not open your eyes, but at least you will be more aware of the how to protect better the environment in which we all live. 

Some examples of documentary to be more aware of our environment

2. Avoid participating in Earth Hour

Switching OFF your electrical equipment for one hour, and then re-switch it ON at the same time with millions of people: this is dreadful for the electricity grid management and need to fire up coal and gas stations to mitigate this peak in a short time.  Instead, you can prolong the Earth hour to an Earth evening


Make Earth Hour last a whole night, instead of only one hour, which will have bad consequences on the electricity grid when all power switch ON at the same time.

3. Avoid leaving the phone charger on the plug and other idle equipment consumption

When the phone is charged, you remove the phone from your cable, but the charger on the plug will continue consuming electricity. So does the idle equipment (small LED light on the TV screens etc.). And are you using this electricity ? No! It is thus a big waste of resources! 

Avoid leaving your charger on the plug when the phone has finished to charge.

Instead, you can charge your phone fully before sleeping for example, then remove the charger from the plug, and charge again the next day, if needed.

4. ’40-80 rule’ for batteries

Our phone is nowadays one of the most cherished objects of our daily life. But how annoying is it when the battery is not keeping up with your usage pace? 

Let us learn something new today: the battery of the phone will last longer if it is operating between 40%-80% of the battery charge, not at 100%, so stop leaving your phone on the plug, let it be free!

Let your phone be free, keep it out of the plug, let the battery be between 40-80% of its capacity

More tips here: https://dataoverhaulers.com/smartphone-battery-life/

5. Take a bike to work

As we have shown in our previous article, bicycle is the least emissive way of transportation for commuting to school/work (if the distance permits it). 

Commuting to work by bicycle, when possible, is not only good for the planet but also for your health!

What can I do for Earth Day at company level? 

1. Assess your carbon footprint

Know where you stand in terms of carbon footprint, and which of your activities will emit most of the emissions, so you can target better your emission reduction. See our case study with ARaymond company: 

2. Increase energy efficiency of your asset

Energy-induced emissions are one of the biggest impacts of climate change. Your company’s energy consumption could be reduced, by Energy audits and implementing energy efficiency solutions on the relevant items. See our different case studies below: 

3. Green building certifications

Green building certifications are a way to showcase your sustainability engagement. Green buildings will consume less energy and water and have better indoor air quality. Their value is higher than buildings without green building certifications and their operating cost is lower. See the current case study of PRD, and others here below : 

4. Renewable energies: whether it is on your own site, you optimize the durability of buildings and the circulation of transport, pedestrians and bicycles, and also enhance biodiversity.

When a company has reduced all possible energy-related emissions, it could then turn to renewable energy solutions. Many of the projects we have worked on include renewable energy, whether it is produced onsite, or purchased (Renewable Energy credits, or PPA). 

If you need more details, please do not hesitate to contact Gaspard Lemoine-Scelles, our Business Development Manager, at this address glemoinescelles@teraoasia.com. It would be a pleasure for us to contribute to the reduction of your asset carbon footprint and make this world a greener one. 

Written by Nathalie Ieong and Wu Jiawei 

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