Our clients recommend us: Fabrice Demichel, managing director of PRD China

At TERAO, we assist our client to get green building certification. What for? For asset owners or investors to ensure their buildings respond to a certain sustainability standard. It will let the building have more value during its lifetime and for the selling of the asset in the future.

One of our clients had this objective in mind, and TERAO is accompanying them. Fabrice Demichel, managing director at PRD China, shares his current experience with TERAO and why he would recommend us. Have a good read!

1 – Can you tell us more about the activities of PRD in Asia?

PRD China is the Asia arm of PRD Group, a major player in the field of warehouse development and investment. We serve European brands willing to modernise their China distribution, for which the warehouse has become a key component of the value chain.

PRD buildings have always been at the forefront of innovation, with a specific concern for quality, sustainability and employees’ health and well-being. We are currently developing two buildings in Shanghai, for a total 170,000 sqm and we aim for both to achieve high marks in LEED and BREEAM.

Rendering of one PRD logistic centers

2 – How did you hear about TERAO? In what context, did you need TERAO Support?

We needed a ‘green building’ consultant. TERAO participated in the tender on Project 1, and we retained them without much hesitation. They directly qualified on the second round!


3 – How TERAO is contributing to your project(s)?

TERAO is assisting us in defining the proper sustainable building approach and strategy, and in making sure it is then properly implemented during construction. They are involved since the concept design phase, and remain a key contributor until building is delivered.

Rendering of one PRD logistic centers

4 – Which part of TERAO work are you the most satisfied about?

TERAO employees have a genuine concern for sustainability and the pieces of advice they provide are both sound and pragmatic. It is not just about ticking the box. It is rather focusing on and investing time and money where we can make a difference. At the same time, they have a real holistic approach, and their experts cover all disciplines.


5 – To whom would you recommend TERAO?

To any person involved in a construction project in China, whether you are pursuing certification or simply looking for the right advice.

Thank you Fabrice for these kind words. If you happen to have ambitious goals for green building certification, you can contact our BD manager Gaspard at glemsce@teraochina.cn. We would be happy to help make your building more energy-efficient while comfortable to the occupants and help you save money !

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