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TERAO introduces HQE international certification to Caidian (Wuhan) French-Chinese Eco-city representatives

At present, with continuous improvement and development of green buildings, several countries have created their own green building assessment standards. HQE (High quality environment) international certification has been developed by the French public institution CSTB and has been tailored to adapt all countries, cultures and climate zones in the process of internationalization. HQE is favored by more and more owners and

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Smart Factories in Nanjing by EUCCC: TERAO shared insights on how to make your factory “greener” !

Many businesses still do not recognize that working sustainably also means working cost-effectively. To turn this around requires a willingness to buck conventional financial wisdom by focusing not on reducing the cost of each part but on increasing the efficiency as a whole. During the EUCCC Nanjing event on Smart Factories, TERAO shared how companies can start making their facilities

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HSE audit for Club Med in China: a first step towards sustainability through compliance

Compliance in Health, Safety and Environment is one of the steps towards sustainability, by following and controlling the regulatory functional or operational compliance of products, processes, facilities and equipment related to food, water, and housekeeping department. TERAO acted as a third-party auditor, and helped Club Med China to verify the compliance of its resorts in terms of permitting, air emissions,

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