TERAO Asia wishes you a Happy New Year 2021 !

Terao Asia team wishes you and your beloved ones a very sustainable, healthy & prosperous year 2021!

The COVID-19 has brought a crisis unprecedented in the past recent years. Let us remember that green buildings are one of the solutions to fight it, as it will enhance a sustainable environment (as shown in the featured picture, it helps fulfill several UN SDGs), which should be less inclined to easy disease spreading.

We, at TERAO Asia, would like to thank to our customers & partners for which this year has been as difficult as for anybody else, despite these conditions, they still showed strong commitment to Sustainability, especially during this special time. It is thanks to them that TERAO Asia has continued to show great resilience in this crisis time.

Despite the harsh times, several good news for TERAO Asia in 2020 could be remembered, let us have a lookback !

  1. Enlarging our footprint in HQE (Haute Qualité Environnementale) projects

Since September, we have a HQE Certification Referent, Maxime Besseas. Besides TERAO long time experience in HQE projects, this new step makes TERAO Asia even more legitimate to assist customers in HQE projects.


In December, we have hence started to participate in an HQE project in Wuhan.



  1. TERAO has been recognized in the Sustainability field by the Green Business Award !

TERAO contribution in sustainability has been awarded during CCIFC Gala with a Green Business Award. See more by clicking on below picture:


  1. Growing demand for energy-efficiency / low-carbon assistance

More and more customers need to assess their carbon footprint. At TERAO, we can help you start assessing your carbon footprint with the GHG protocol, learn more by clicking in the picture showing different GHG scope below:


  1. Successful relaunch of our “Sustainable Factory” seminar

Alongside with partner companies, TERAO introduced how factories can be more sustainable during this event in Taicang, organized by the German Chamber, learn more by clicking in the picture below:


  1. Our customers continue to show strong commitment to sustainability

We have started a series of “Our clients recommend us” article, and this one below is from Dominique Laloux, the GM of Erlab in China.

We believe 2021 will bring even more good news, in terms of sustainability, health, wellbeing.

Have a nice time celebrating the new year with family, friends or both!

Happy New Year 2021 !

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