Smart Factories in Nanjing by EUCCC: TERAO shared insights on how to make your factory “greener” !

Many businesses still do not recognize that working sustainably also means working cost-effectively. To turn this around requires a willingness to buck conventional financial wisdom by focusing not on reducing the cost of each part but on increasing the efficiency as a whole.

During the EUCCC Nanjing event on Smart Factories, TERAO shared how companies can start making their facilities more sustainable and reduce the environmental footprint with the audience.

Our General manager Manuel Ramos reminded the different laws in China around Sustainability, especially the latest GB/T 36132-2018 “Green Factory Evaluation General Principles” 《绿色工厂评估方针》 and “Environmental Protection Tax Law of China” 《环境保护税收法律》.

“More and more factories will need to comply with local regulations or corporate guidelines for a more sustainable factory. This is in line with trends as consumers are more and more sensitive to Green Producers or Green Factories”.

Our Technical Director Maxime Besseas went more specifically with some examples: 

“On the building envelope side, Low-e coating can reflect heat + UV in Summer and let the building warm less easily in Summer, thus reducing cost for air-conditioning”

In the regulation, there are “3 red lines” for water efficiency and industries must reduce consumption from 2010 levels by -35% by 2020, and by -60% by 2030. One solution is rainwater collection to save water.

Other suggestions in the field of Energy savings, Water consumption reduction, Health and Comfort (acoustic, air quality), Renewable and alternative energies and Smart monitoring were mentioned by our two speakers. These are all typical solutions TERAO has suggested to customers in the past and present.

This event was jointly organized with EUCCC, Ilum, Delhom Acoustique, PHC Advisory Tax & Accounting and D’Andrea & Partners Legal Counsel.

If you need any information about sustainable solutions in the industry and how to make your factory more healthy and sustainable, please do not hesitate to contact us at TERAO would be happy to help you optimize your asset through the different mentioned aspects.


EUCCC link of the past event:

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