HSE audit for Club Med in China: a first step towards sustainability through compliance

Compliance in Health, Safety and Environment is one of the steps towards sustainability, by following and controlling the regulatory functional or operational compliance of products, processes, facilities and equipment related to food, water, and housekeeping department.

TERAO acted as a third-party auditor, and helped Club Med China to verify the compliance of its resorts in terms of permitting, air emissions, water emissions, waste management, hazardous materials, nuisance etc.

The HSE mission was carried out by TERAO HSE specialist, through two steps:

  • EHS checklist: this consisted in the search and check of all relative HSE regulations to be applied on resorts of Club Med in China, on a national level first and in a second step on a local level, as different provinces have different HSE regulations;
  • EHS audit: one on-site audit was carried out in one of the resort, following the HSE regulations checklist.

If you need more details, please do not hesitate to contact us at nieong@teraochina.cn. We will be happy to evaluate your asset under the EHS standards in China, in addition to other sustainability certification on the market.

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