Our clients recommend us: Thibaud Brunel, formerly working for Argosy, about cold storage issue

Remember our article about cold storage case study “How TERAO can solve your energy issue? – Cold rack case study” ? This is a typical issue found in industrial assets that need to store goods or materials that need very specific and stable temperature.

One of our clients had this issue and TERAO helped them to solve it. Thibaud Brunel, formerly working for this customer, explains his experience with TERAO and why he would recommend us, in the following interview. Have a good read:

1 – Can you tell us more about your professional background & recent experiences in Asia?

I arrived in China in 2010, with Applus, a global Spanish group expert in Quality Inspections and Testing services, launched the Aeronautics Test Lab in Shanghai, China. In 2014, I joined Argosy International, leader in Composite Material Distribution in APAC region. In this context, I led the definition and construction of the Taiwan Manufacturing site, following principles of Industry 4.0, implementing IIoT tools and Sustainable Energy Solutions.

In 2018, I decided to create my own Consulting Structure in Taiwan, TB Solutions, to support the local business eco-system to establish bridges with complementary partners from Europe.

 2 – How did you hear about TERAO? In what context, did you need TERAO Support?

I met TERAO representative in Shanghai and we discussed about our activity and the need of equipment such as big freezers and clean rooms. We needed help to make sure that our new plant in Taiwan was well designed in terms of energy consumption, and sustainability. TERAO could answer this need. This is how we started the collaboration.

3 – How did TERAO contribute in solving your issue?

TERAO team started by assessing the existing freezers at our site in Xi’An, Shanghai and Taichung, before starting the new Taiwan plant project, to give us a benchmark value in term of expected energy performance.

4 – Which part are you the most satisfied about TERAO work?

The most satisfactory results were to see our investment numbers going down, only thanks to the fact that TERAO dimensioning was more accurate that the ones we initially had. We optimized our facility-related investments by about 18%. Additionally, when we started the operations of the new plant, our related energy consumption was very far below our existing facilities performance. Our new freezer was twice as efficient as smaller existing non-optimized freezers, we saved thousands of dollars monthly on the electricity bill.

5 – To who would you recommend TERAO?

I would recommend TERAO to any company that is considering long term, automated, optimized production and operations, especially the ones that have big clean rooms. With the amount of production robots and with the temperatures increasing, it is essential to simulate, analyze and optimize energy consumption, but also to maintain this optimization on a long term, as all the factories are evolving with new equipment, new staff, new activity.

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