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[Expertise] Building envelope: the concept and its role in energy efficiency

The building envelope is the physical barrier between the indoor and outdoor environment of a building. It includes the walls, roof, windows, doors and other elements that separate the interior space from the exterior climate. The building envelope plays a crucial role in determining the energy performance, thermal comfort and indoor air quality of a building. In this article, we

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[Expertise] Thermal comfort: how to face more frequent heat waves? – Part 2

In our Part 1 article, we have introduced Thermal comfort principle and some essential passive design ideas to optimize buildings for frequent heatwaves. In this article, we continue to introduce other simple yet essential way to avoid thermal discomfort in a building. Optimization of the envelope Thermal insulation, compactness and glazing rates should be optimized to minimize heating and cooling

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[Expertise] Thermal comfort: how to face more frequent heat waves? – Part 1

In the current context of ever more numerous and intense heat waves, the notion of thermal comfort in buildings is more relevant than ever. In June, France experienced temperatures 10°C to 15°C above seasonal norms. July and August also brought their share of heat waves! Beyond national climate objectives and the reduction of its impacts, the construction sector must also

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[Expertise] Energy modeling: a powerful tool for sustainable buildings

Energy modeling is a whole building simulation process that engineers, architects, and researchers use to model the energy consumption of heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting, electronic equipment, and process loads. The simulation can give hourly time step results or even sub-hourly time step results (for example 15 minutes) which makes it possible to carry out a detailed analysis of the thermal

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[Event Recap] “Solutions for a decarbonated city” French Eco City Club seminar in Shanghai.

On Thursday 4th November, 2021, at the CCIFC, Shanghai, TERAO was invited to participate as experts for the French Eco City Club, which held a seminar on the “Solutions for a decarbonated city”. The round table speakers Gaspard Lemoine-Scelles, Business development manager of TERAO Asia, took part in a round table about « An energy-resilient and environmentally-friendly city». The round table lead

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[Repost] This warehouse is one of the world’s greenest industrial buildings

Original article from the World Economic Forum website: https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2019/08/netherlands-greenbuilding-architecture-sustainability Let’s hear our Operation Director Maxime Besseas’s insights about this building: A warehouse is not treated in the same way as a classic building because of the spaces to be thermally conditioned with very little internal input. Major consumptions will therefore often be heating, ventilation and lighting. A passive design is a

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