The incredible trip from Shanghai to Beijing ended with an MoU with HRC Group.

After a long three-year wait due to the impact of the pandemic, Manuel Ramos – Asia Managing Director of TERAO –  finally had the opportunity to embark on a business trip to China. As the travel restrictions eased, it was an exciting time for Manuel to reconnect with our China team and strengthen our business relationships in the region.  

Upon arriving in China, Manuel was warmly welcomed by the team. He was delighted to be able to meet them in person after having worked remotely for so long. Despite the changes brought about by the pandemic, including strict safety measures such as temperature checks and sanitization, the team’s energy was infectious. It was evident that our colleagues in China were eager to catch up and discuss business updates.

Photo: Manuel had a meeting in person with the China team.

During his visit, he spent time with the Chinese team at the office, which helped to build better rapport and understanding between the teams. It was an excellent opportunity to discuss ongoing projects and future plans. After a productive day at the office, the team took him out for dinner. The meal was not just about business, it was a chance to bond and share experiences on a more personal level.

Photo: Manuel and the China team had dinner together

Then Manuel and Gaspard – Business Development Director of TERAO – came to Beijing where they can meet with clients. Face-to-face meetings were invaluable, especially after a prolonged period of virtual interactions. Our team had the opportunity to establish personal connections, which are highly valued in Asian business culture. Building trust and rapport with clients is essential and the in-person meetings allowed for meaningful exchanges and a better understanding of their needs.

The highlight of the trip was undoubtedly the meeting between the French and Chinese presidents at the People Palace in Tiananmen. TERAO had the privilege of being part of the French delegation that attended the event. The meeting was significant for our company as we signed an MOU with HRC Group, in the presence of the Ministers of Economy of both countries. The partnership includes conducting a carbon footprint assessment, setting targets, implementing reduction methods, and developing low-carbon standards for composite processing technologies. Our goal is to minimize the carbon footprint of upcoming and existing industrial sites while achieving specific carbon reduction targets for HRC Group.

Photo: TERAO signed an MoU with HRC Group

As the trip came to an end, our managing director was grateful for the opportunity to reconnect with our China team, meet with clients, and participate in events. The trip had been a success, and it was evident that the relationships had been strengthened.

Thank you to our China team for their hard work in arranging the meeting with the clients and organizing the visit to the People Palace. It was a well-planned and well-executed trip that made a lasting impression on all of us.

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