Smart energy consumption reduction tips from TERAO

Last Friday 18th February, in Shanghai, “Anhui Huaibei New Coal Chemical Industry And Synthetic Materials Base Investment Promotion and Policy Briefing Meeting” by Anhui Huaibei New Coal Chemical Industry And Synthetic Materials Base and Knight Frank. This meeting had 4 parts: Best Site Selection, Smart Energy Consumption, Ecological Compliance, and Gas Purification. TERAO Asia participated as a speaker to share knowledge and views on the 2nd part: Smart Energy Consumption, to guide companies’ actions.

How to achieve carbon neutrality targets

With more and more pressure from the authorities’ carbon neutrality goals, companies are gradually taking on more responsibility on these topics. Only a view and control from the corporate level can enable companies to achieve carbon neutrality goals.

Hence, Gaspard LEMOINE-SCELLES, Head of Business Development from TERAO Asia was invited as an expert to share TERAO experience on the topic of best practices for corporate energy management under carbon neutrality targets.

Gaspard giving his speech on Carbon reduction for factories

How to design factory Construction and Energy Operation for Carbon reduction

Gaspard started by detailing the Carbon Footprint Assessment Methodology: Perimeter definition, Data collection, Calculation and Reporting.

The definition of the perimeter and data collection are important as they are the basis and beginning of all strategies.

For existing buildings and new construction project management, Gaspard recommended LCA and Energy modeling tools. By calculating the embodied carbon through LCA, it enables companies to reduce the carbon footprint of new construction projects, before it has even been built, by reducing the material quantity or choosing lower carbon emissions materials.

Meanwhile, through energy modelling, the building shapes and HVAC systems can be modelized. It can help companies to design carbon reduction strategies as they can check the impact of changes on the model before implementing changes.

Environmental services companies’ intervention

Apart from TERAO Asia, other environmental companies also participated in the conference and mentioned chemical site soil, groundwater and environmental management, or also about best practices for chemical waste gas treatment.

They gathered together to share innovative solutions regarding various technical topics like exhaust air treatment, chemical plant heating technologies to insist on sustainable development and to reach the carbon neutrality targets.

TERAO Asia help

As a global consulting and engineering company involved for 25 years in energy efficiency, low carbon and green building engineering, TERAO has always been responsible and committed to spreading professional knowledge. Through each event, TERAO is making an effort for sustainable development.

If you need any information about sustainable solutions in the industry and how to make your factory healthier and more sustainable, please do not hesitate to contact us at TERAO would be happy to help you optimize your asset through the different mentioned aspects.

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