Teambuilding for TERAO Asia team at the farm: low-carbon and small construction project

Last Friday 14th May, our team spent quality time together in a farm in Songjiang, about 1h30 drive away from Shanghai city center.

After playing “Guess what I am thinking” game in the car, we arrived at the beautiful farm of Hemo maotian 禾墨泖田,in Huguang village 胡光村 in Songjiang district 松江区.

Gaspard, the gym coach showing how to use this sport equipment

After a welcoming cup of coffee, some short gym demonstration by Gaspard and short visit of the farm resting area, we started the morning with a welcoming session to our new colleague Thomas, based in South-East Asia, through conf-call, as he is based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. One by one, we had a short exchange with him asking him questions and vice-versa.

Conf-call with Thomas who is based in Vietnam

It was followed by an introduction of our carbon footprint assessment activities to all the colleagues. As China has put forward goals for carbon peak in 2030 and carbon neutrality in 2060, many companies need the help of consultants as TERAO to assess not only their Scope 1 and 2 activities carbon footprint but also Scope 3. (cf. our GHG protocol article for more explanations), to be able to reduce their carbon footprint through an action plan and implementation.

Introduction and brainstorming about carbon footprint activity

After this nice brainstorming session, our belly were starting to feel hungry. Therefore we had lunch, cooked with local produces, including seasonal veggies and locally-raised meat.

Nice farm lunch

It was a good time to remind the different personal tendencies ( for more info) of each of our team members and look back on our new year resolutions.

After having a little rest, we brainstormed more on the future of our business.

After this, we started the real highlight of the day: building a bird house with bricks!

From the mud and concrete mixing, to putting up the bricks into a shape, everybody dove into the different tasks, both ladies and gentlemen.

The team and the “bird house”

We did not have time to complete the bird house, but one important thing that we re-proved today: design drawings and design stage, as we often repeat to our client, are crucial to make a construction project smooth ?.

Big thanks to our host for this nice environment and thanks to our team for such a nice team work !


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