[Meet the team] – Martin, Operation Manager at TERAO Asia

Today, we will introduce you to one of the funniest members of our team, but when it comes to work, he is very serious – Martin. Discover more about Martin, our Operation Manager based in Singapore. Have a good read!

Q1: What is your role in TERAO and since when?

Martin: I joined Terao Asia in January 2023 and I work as Operation Manager for Singapore and Malaysia.

Q2: What do you like in your role at TERAO?

Martin: First, I am passionate about energy efficiency. I like to work on all kinds of assets, but I love to work on industrial assets as it is technically very challenging. It also gives the opportunity to meet great people. As more than 60% of our regional portfolio consists of industrial facilities, I enjoy this context.

Nevertheless, I also like the diversity of projects we have at Terao Asia. I enjoy learning from my colleagues with different expertise, always focusing on carbon footprints from different angles.

Q3: Why did you choose to work at TERAO?

Martin: First, it is really important for me to work with a company committed to sustainability as it is the reason why I chose this job.  Then, I would say I have been very excited by the plurality of expertise of the company, combining low carbon assistance, energy efficiency, comfort optimization, and green building certifications.

Q4: What is one of your values that is in line with TERAO Values (transparency/commitment/thinking ahead), and why is it a value for you?

Martin: The value I am the most in line with TERAO is commitment. Sometimes it’s difficult to move the lines, to teach our expertise without making people angry, to find a way to make our recommendations acceptable. Commitment is a key value to reaching those goals.

Q5: What is one of your hobbies outside of work?

Martin: I used to spend a lot of time in the mountains when I was living in France, but it’s not something I can do in Singapore. I still like to spend time in natural places and discover the region, with my family. As long as I am with my family. 

Q6: Favorite quote/motto?

Martin: « On est pas là pour être ici » (Jérémy Jeannot).

Q7: A short sentence to describe you

If you want to contact Martin with any questions about energy efficiency and carbon reduction applied to existing buildings, feel free to contact him at mdesbrieres@teraoasia.com.

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