[SEA – Vietnam] The CCE APAC Forum 2023 event recap.

From 1st to 3rd of March, 2023, The CCE APAC Forum took place in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam after 3 years of absence. TERAO Asia was proud to be one of the sponsors of the event.

This forum was vibrant with conferences and workshops led by leading speakers from private and public sectors that have innovative views concerning the economic space’s future. The conferences were a great opportunity to hear from business leaders and experts on a wide range of topics such as climate issues, smart cities, etc. At the center of the topics discussed are Asia 4.0, the place of France and the European Union (EU) in the Indo-Pacific, as well as the influence of Russia and China.

At this event, Mr. Aymeric Novel – TERAO Deputy Managing Director from France, had the privilege of serving as a speaker in some of these activities and shared his knowledge and expertise on Eco-Districts. “TERAO presented its vision for sustainable, resilient, and attractive urban planning. We believe that there are great synergies between an environment-based approach and human well-being. We believe that real sustainability must take into account the great inertia cities are facing (urban planning policies, demography and climate change). Another strong axis is that urban planning must be adapted to the context, hence we should not see the same cities and architectures all over the world.

Major items include noticeably green spaces which serve no less than 4 functions (biodiversity habitat, rainwater management, heat island reduction, spaces for people to have time together and healthy activities), low carbon mobility allowed by urban planning (secured and pleasant lines, distances adapted to local practices), mixed functions and services, the balance between density and spaces, water management, energy efficiency, urban renewal, and low carbon energy supply.

TERAO applies these principles in its activities in Asia with several references such as Caidian ecocity planning near Wuhan.”

Mr. Aymeric Novel, Terao Deputy Managing Director from France at the conference

As a team, we were happy to be a part of such an inspiring and informative occasion. In addition, Terao Asia got the chance to network and converse with other business leaders at this event. We truly appreciate the opportunity to connect with all of you, we hope that the knowledge and insights gained from this forum will help you apply to your assets. We look forward to continuing our partnership with you and serving your needs in the future.

If you need any information about Eco-Districts, low carbon, sustainability and energy efficiency, please do not hesitate to contact our Business Development Director at glemoinescelles@teraoasia.com.


As a global consulting and engineering company involved for 30 years in energy efficiency, low carbon and green building engineering, TERAO has always been responsible and committed to spreading sustainable construction professional knowledge. Through each event, TERAO is making an effort for sustainable development.

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