Meet the team – Manuel Ramos, TERAO Asia General Manager

Manuel Ramos is TERAO Asia General Manager. Get to know him through some of the questions we asked him.

Q1. What is your role at TERAO and since when?

Manuel: I am TERAO Asia General Manager since March 2017.

Q2. What are your credentials/past experience, for working in your position?

Manuel: I am based in Asia/China since 2006 & have been involved in the Building Industry for around 8 years. I have a business background through my education (Business School/MBA) & previous working experiences as Sales & Key Account Director. I had the opportunity to work in both MNCs & SMEs.

I have been as well involved in business organizations such as the European Chamber and French Chamber; as Board Member & Working Group Chairman.

That set of experiences allows me today to manage a small-scaled Technical consultancy in the building industry in Shanghai at Asia Level.

Q3. Why did you choose to work at TERAO?

Manuel: After a few years in a major Technical Consultancy, it was time for me to join a more specialized & agile organization. I had as well a specific interest for Sustainability applied to the built environment.

Terao fits the above description being a “boutique” type consultancy with 10 headcounts in Shanghai & 50 at worldwide level. For the last 25 years, the only focus of the company has been Building Sustainability.

Another important point, despite its rather small size, Terao is deeply international & has the ambition to provide support to its customer globally. Terao is asking me, as Asia General Manager, to lead these initiatives.

Finally, being part of Terao, gave me the opportunity somehow to contribute to the mitigation of climate change. Buildings accounts for 40% of the world’s energy consumption!

Q4. What do you think you bring to the company in general?

Manuel: As a company, Terao helps mitigating climate change through its expertise in the building sector.  Knowing the impact of buildings on the environment, Terao expertise is much needed. My role is to make Terao’s voice audible in the market.

As General Manager, I am as well committed to the well being of my colleagues. This way they can deliver in the best conditions our clients. It helps somehow to build a virtuous circle.

Q5. What is one of your values that is in line with TERAO Value, and why is it a value for you?

Manuel: One of the values of Terao I cherish the most is the notion of commitment: “We are committed”.

Over the last few years, we have built a team that is fully committed, that cares about each other, cares about its clients, and obviously cares about the environment!

Without commitment, an organization cannot be successful on the long run!

Q6. What is one of your hobbies outside of work?

Manuel: Used to be reading…but I recently acquired Netflix…

Q7. Favorite quote / motto?


Q8. Your nickname in the company?

Manuel: Each member of the team has a nickname (we even have a paralleled organization chart!) related to 80s/90s TV series / pop stars. I am Hannibal from the TV Show, the A-Team.

Q9. A short sentence to describe you:



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