[Expertise] How to optimize buildings airflow and air temperature with Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD)

Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) is a tool used to analyse fluid flows and temperature. In the case of building and environmental engineering, it can be used for internal spaces (large space as warehouse, exhibition space or workshop) or external spaces (district, neighbourhood or cities).

In internal space, CFD is used to calculate thermal comfort via the calculation of air speedair temperature, “age” of air taking into account stack effect, stratification and wind speed. 

CFD provides detailed temperature, thermal comfort and airflow data in every part of the volume using a mesh as we can see in figures below:

Mesh examples used to represent the CFD result

More specifically, internal CFD can be used for different application:

  • Natural ventilation

1st case study: Optimization of natural ventilation openings (façade and roof) to cool down a workshop containing industrial ovens, with the constraint of avoiding generation of defective products due to quick cooling of materials coming out of the ovens,

2nd case study: Sizing louvers and roof opening of a naturally ventilated dry warehouse,

  • HVAC and thermal comfort

Internal CFD to study air flows and temperature homogenization of the current HVAC systems of a store for further renovation,

In external space, CFD is used to calculate wind velocity patterns in a large area containing many buildings (for example district, neighborhood or cities). It is used to evaluate pedestrian comfort and safety. Based on the result it is then possible to give recommendation to adjust master plan or to help decision for urban planning. 

Example of wind simulation on a district thanks to CFD study
  • CFD highlight potential area with high wind speed (need to reshape buildings or to add trees to reduce wind speed) or area with less ventilation that may face a higher Heat Island Effect, 

CFD can help design company, architect and investors to assess and optimize their building design. 

And as you would have guessed, we can do it at TERAO!

If you need a CFD study for your project, you can contact our BD manager Gaspard at glemoinescelles@teraoasia.com. We would be glad to accompany you to assess your assets Temperature distribution, air flow, or wind distribution.  

Written by Thomas Krysinski  

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