TERAO participated in the French-Chinese forum on Eco City during Wuhan Day at Beijing 2019 World Horticultural Expo

Last Friday 5th July, 2019, TERAO participated in the 6th edition of the French-Chinese forum on Eco-Cities. It was held during the Wuhan day of the Beijing 2019 World Horticultural Exposition and organized by the French-Chinese Eco-city management committee and the Wuhan French Consulate.

Our Technical Director Maxime Besseas introduced the HQE standard to the audience, which was composed of different political and technical stakeholders of the French-Chinese cooperation in eco-city, especially for the Wuhan French-Chinese eco-city development. TERAO has helped AREP to include sustainable inputs during the master planning phase of this Eco-city, in line with HQE standard.

Indeed, this sustainable French-Chinese city in Wuhan is a collaborative project between China and France to build a model example of a “sustainable city”, promoting the principle of “living green” and the preservation of the environment. According to the regulatory plan, the new sustainable French-Chinese city of Wuhan will cover an area of 35.8 km2, of which 13.6 km2 will be used for urban construction, representing 38.5% of the total area. The city will house a population of 200,000 people, and the average living space will be 42 m2 per person.

In this regard, the HQE (Haute Qualité Environnementale or High Environmental Quality) French green building standard is very suitable for the development of the Eco-city, through the HQE Aménagement (HQE for Urban planning) for example. The experience of TERAO could be demonstrated through our presentation during the event.

If you need more information on HQE certification, please contact us at contact@teraochina.cn. TERAO team will be happy to help you certify your asset under this scheme.

News about this event (French and Chinese) : http://french.china.org.cn/china/txt/2019-07/06/content_74959577.htm

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