TERAO certified a residential plot of 2600 appartments under HQE French Green Building standard in Bogota, Colombia

© photos PRODESA

2,600 social housing units were certified under HQE in Bogotá, supported by TERAO Colombia. Located in the city of Madrid on the outskirts of Bogotá, the 2,600 social housing project called “Reserva Madrid” illustrates the country’s ambition to “build sustainably” while meeting the growing need for housing.

The Pamplona plot, accompanied by TERAO Colombia as sustainable assistant to project management, is the second social housing project to obtain HQE certification in Colombia, where TERAO has been established via an agency since 2014.

In particular, a complete bioclimatic approach was applied to the design of the project. Thus, the buildings have been designed so that all apartments enjoy natural ventilation and natural light in all rooms of the house (including bathrooms). Through the development of this real estate project, PRODESA wishes to enhance the compromise between sustainability and economy by minimizing cost overruns on social housing projects.

The HQE certification provides an adapted answer to these specifications thanks to its global approach.  TERAO Colombia accompanies the deployment of this approach with the local actors and the certification body Cerway, joint subsidiary of Cerqual and Certivéa.

Official website of HQE / Cerway: https://www.behqe.com/home

If you need more information on HQE certification, please contact us at contact@teraochina.cn. TERAO team will be happy to help you certify your asset under this scheme.


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