TERAO is on all fronts to spread the word for Sustainability in Buildings

Last week, TERAO was happy to participate in several professional events to spread the word about sustainability.

Conference about Smart Factories at the EUCCC

Last Tuesday 28th May, our industry expert Simon Joubert was invited to share some insights about smart factories, or how to make your factory more sustainable. The event was held by the @EUCCC, in partnership with ilum, Delhom acoustique, PHC Advisory & Accounting and D’Andrea & Partners.


Participants could learn more about the different strategies TERAO would suggest to industrial customers to make their asset more sustainable with solutions on the envelope, lighting, HVAC systems, Renewables and smart monitoring systems.

If you would like to learn more about these topics, please do not hesitate to contact us through our mail at nieong@teraochina.cn.


Shanghai Builders 5th edition: great success with over 25 participants

During this 5th edition, professionals representing companies such as Siemens Real Estate, the French-German School, GSN, Siveco among others had the chance to network and exchange about latest market trends, speak about their projects, the challenges they might encounter and much more.

It was held this time in “Epices et Foie Gras”. We hope guests were delighted by the menu and the friendly atmosphere with other construction field stakeholders.


French Chamber Annual Gala “W Generation”

TERAO was honored to participate in this grandiose event organized by the French Chamber @CCIFC annually. This year, the gala theme was about celebrating women in business, the “W Generation” and 900 guests participated this year.

Regarding women / men parity, TERAO Asia is proud to work with 42% of women in its team, all of them with an engineering background to effectively serve the purpose of sustainability in buildings.

We hope in the future more people will contribute in this meaningful field of sustainability, whether men or women. By the way, we are hiring engineer interns or junior engineers interested in Building Sustainability. If you are a candidate, please send your CV to mbesseas@teraochina.cn.

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