IKEA Panyu and TERAO: the first IKEA store in China to be certified BREEAM® Very Good

It is well-know that IKEA has an ambitious sustainability strategy, People & Planet Positive, which translates into the reduced impact of their store on the environment and people. In this regard, it is a pleasure to announce that IKEA Panyu store has reached and was certified BREEAM® Very Good level last March 2019.

The BREEAM consultancy was carried out by TERAO team with the great support from IKEA project team.

TERAO team did not only carry out the certification process, but also enhanced the sustainability of this high-standard store. Here are some examples.

Rainwater harvesting was designed on the roof of the store to provide water for the purpose of flushing toilets, landscape irrigation and cleaning, taking advantage of the high annual rainfall of the region. This reduces 5000 m3 per year of water consumption. It participated in the score of 88% for the water environmental issue.

TERAO could optimize the energy systems of the IKEA store through energy modelling, studying how to adapt the store to the local climate condition: for example, the need of heating was minimized with a performant building fabric and insulation system. LED lights and internal lighting control are optimizing the electricity consumption of the store. Domestic hot water is partly provided by thermal solar panels. The final score for Energy was 65%.

Sustainable design cannot come without sustainable construction, which has been emphasized during this special phase. For the operation phase, green solution implemented within the project is communicated to the permanent staffs and millions of visitors, such as energy saving, water harvesting etc. which will help raising the environmental awareness of the public. The Management score obtained was 66%.

Overall, these strategies will greatly reduce the office energy, water and carbon footprint of this IKEA Store. Sustainable strategies are also implemented for new IKEA stores coming in China, with the help of TERAO.

If you need more details, please do not hesitate to contact us at nieong@teraochina.cn. We will be happy to assess your building under the BREEAM standard, or other sustainability certification on the market.

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