Wired Certification – The rating for the infrastructure, connectivity and technological capacity of your building

The recent emergence of “Smart Building” concept has created worldwide a new way to build and operate buildings. Yet, nowadays it is also vital to consider the connectivity of the commercial buildings to improve the working environment quality and attract new tenants. That is where the Wired Certification comes into play.

What is Wired Certification?

Developed by WiredScore, the Wired Certification had been created to rate infrastructure, connectivity and technological capacity of office buildings.

As performance certification scheme, Wired certification is targeting:

  • Building connectivity
  • Infrastructure
  • Readiness

As for now, Wired certification is available in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, France and Germany.

Key Data

  • 350 clients in 6 countries
  • 1400 Certificates Delivered
  • 400 million sq ft committed to Wired Certification
  • 4 million people working in Wired Certified buildings

How does Wired Certification works?

Wired Score certification can be applied for New construction, Refurbishment project as well as Occupied buildings.

Simplified certification process:

  • Stage1 : The existing building/drawings are inspected by a WiredScore engineer.
  • Stage 2 : WiredScore provides full building audit reports, picture book summaries and improvement reports to the client.
  • Stage3 : The building can be certified at that level or be improved in order to achieve a higher score.

Wired Certification RATING RANGES

They are 6 sections for the evaluation

Each category scores a number of credits which will weigh differently according to the project characteristics.

  • Section 1: Outside Plant and Point of Entry Planning
  • Section 2: Telecommunications Room Planning and Design
  • Section 3: Riser Planning
  • Section 4: Electrical Resiliency
  • Section 5: Mobile Planning
  • Section 6: Readiness and Access

TERAO China is pushing the way to make buildings smarter through technical solutions for new construction or existing building.


To learn more about building connectivity, please feel free to contact us at bgreco@teraochina.cn.

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