PRD Logistics Centre

Scope of Work :

    • LEED Platinum Certification
    • BREEAM Feasibility and Gap Analysis
    • LEED Gap Analysis
    • Passive design analysis
    • Optimization of facades (solar PV)
    • Energy modeling using DesignBuilder
    • HVAC design optimization
    • Carbon Study (LCA)
    • Life Cycle Cost study

Results :

LEED Core & Shell Platinum

  • Optimization of facades in handling area to improve access to daylighting while keeping energy efficiency
  • Definition of process consumption and peak load (multi-shuttle system)
  • Definition of cooling and heating loads, energy consumption
  • Reduction of loads/consumption by optimizing envelope (impact of air infiltration, insulation…)
  • Life Cycle Cost study to determine appropriate HVAC system
  • Rainwater management, open space, composting, 100% savings on outdoor water consumption

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