LEED Gold certification for FAW-VW Foshan factory – 600,000 sqm


Scope of Work :

Pressure shop, welding shop, paint shop, assembly shop, media center and office building.

  • LEED Gold Certification assistance
  • Reclaimed water used for toilet flushing, irrigation and makeup water of cooling tower
  • Solar hot water, solar-Powered road lamps
  • Roof materials covered with high reflectance coatings (SR>78)
  • Skylights installed on the roof of workshops

Results :

Ongoing Project

  • Rooftop PV Panel, 7% energy saving contribution
  • 60% of parking spaces sheltered by PV Panel
  • Production workshop VOCs emissions estimated to reduce by 100 tons per year
  • Estimation: the waste water of the plant could be reclaimed by 70%

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