The British Chamber of Commerce Shanghai: Sustainability at work by TERAO

Sustainability at workspace is no longer a dream over the rainbow. Many advanced certification schemes been developed in the market aiming to achieve this target, some globally well-known systematic schemes play dynamic actions as requested such as LEED for Interior Design+ Construction, BREEAM for Refurbishment and Fit-out, WELL for New and Existing Interiors and RESET for indoor air quality.  

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IKEA in China: BREEAM Awareness Training by TERAO

BREEAM Awareness Training by TERAO   We were glad to organize last month a BREEAM Awareness Training in Shanghai for our long-term partner IKEA Property & Expansion. During that very interesting session, we had the opportunity to review BREEAM Approach along the life cycle of a New Construction project, from Site Selection to actual operation of the building. Thanks again

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Monitoring indoor air quality to enhance well-being and productivity of building occupants

In China, air pollution is a major concern of everyday life. The country is taking many initiatives to fight pollution and improve the outdoor air quality. While these measures are the start of a long-term effort to improve the air quality, focusing on indoor air quality has to be done at the same time. In fact, in a country where

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